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Deer Lick Falls History

Historic falls in a town full of stories.


Since the late 1700’s, Monteagle Mountain has been a gateway to the communities of the Southern Cumberland Plateau because it is the narrowest place on the plateau between Chattanooga and Nashville. Centrally located between Nashville and Chattanooga, it has always been the perfect stopping point for many visitors traveling through Tennessee.  Monteagle sits on top of a two-mile-wide area of the Cumberland Mountains.

Its history begins with a 5,000 acre grant to John Bostick in 1892 and a 2,000 acre grant to Basil Summers.  Around 1825, the railroad was built extending first from Cowan to Sewanee, and then on to Palmer.  It was on this railroad in May, 1870 that John Moffat, a native of Scotland, came to the mountain.  He was a commissioner of the Immigration Office and was on his way to the Swiss Colony.  When his train stopped near the present site of Monteagle, he walked on the Stagecoach Road to the north side of the mountain.  He saw such beauty that he later settled in present Monteagle with his wife and children.  The settlement where Moffat’s house was located became known as Moffat Station.  It later became Moffat, then Mount Eagle, Mounteagle, and finally present-day Monteagle.  In 1962, the citizens of Monteagle voted to be incorporated.

During the late 19th century and early 20th, Monteagle became a popular destination for city dwellers to escape and relax in the cooler temperatures of the Tennessee Mountains. Over time it has become a hidden gem for individuals and families alike to escape the stresses of everyday life, enjoying the slow pace of this tiny mountain town.

The Alexander Tiny Home


The recreational outdoor experience has become popular in the past few years and has helped break the mold of what people have traditionally desired in vacation accommodations. Smart floor plans, clever utilization of space, built-in storage and trendy design features that are included in temporary recreational living are now at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts when considering what type of outdoor lifestyle works best. Every day more people realize that affordable comfort is possible with park model homes. Floor plans meet all of their needs, while still providing a place for vacationing or seasonal living. This is a trend we don’t anticipate going away any time soon. Trust us, our customers have realized these benefits years before it was trendy or cool.

We are excited to introduce our Clayton Tiny Collection of park model homes—Lakeside. An efficient solution to the demand for small space with comfortable amenities and modern features, Lakeside is the perfect personal destination getaway. Clayton, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has been selling homes since 1956. Since opening our doors, we have continued to lead the housing industry in improving construction efficiencies and floor plan designs. We build our homes and park model homes in climate controlled building facilities away from the elements using a production line system to streamline the construction process. This allows us to measure the incorporation of building materials when building our homes and park model homes all while delivering on the promise of quality, efficiency and affordability.

The Lakeside Tiny Collection is available in seven beautiful floor plan options. This collection represents a stylish, smart vacation experience with an affordable price tag. Choose to live the destination outdoor lifestyle without having to sacrifice the amenities and modern design that you love.